Thursday, 8 May 2014

Shambo Yoga Workshop

Welcome to the first of a series of yoga morning workshops with Shambo Yoga.  These workshops will be held in the beautiful space of NN Cafe (Highly acclaimed contemporary art gallery) in central Northampton.
All levels of yoginis are invited to a friendly, relaxed environment to explore mindful, beginners Akhanda yoga including guided meditation and music.  NN cafe will be serving special Ayurvedic treats and masala chai afterwards in the cafe.  The first workshop on the 25th of May will be free of charge, the following events will request a £5 donation.  Spaces are limited and booking is essential, please contact Annie on to book your place.  We look forward to seeing you, shanti x

Our journey

The bumpy, windy whirlwind of a bus journey drew us nearer to Anand Prakash Ashram set back from the banks of the Ganges in the foothills of the Himalaya in Rishikesh.  We were greeted so warmly with marigold wreaths and yogi yum yum treats by Chetena and Vishva Ji’s family, we had landed, but our journey had just begun.